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CT Water Damage and Flood Damage Repair

Water damage can be a serious problem for your Connecticut home or business.

Within minutes, moisture-sensitive materials swell and disfigure. Paper goods are ruined and furniture stains appear on carpeting, which are usually permanent.

Within hours, water is absorbed by the drywall, which then softens. Wooden furniture can become permanently damaged from discoloration and swelling. Carpeting can suffer from delamination, the separation of the carpeting from its backing.

Within days, mold and bacteria begin to grow and flourish. Unpleasant odor may begin to permeate the structure. Hardwood floors are ruined due to warping.

If your home or property has been affected by flood damage or water damage, our water damage restoration team can help repair your property and remove potential sites of mold and moisture.

DRS can prevent the many problems associated with severe water intrusion by using sophisticated drying equipment and techniques to properly address unwanted moisture and prevent mold growth. These advances have replaced the outdated concept of simple water removal combined with opening windows to allow natural drying of the affected structure and its components over a prolonged period of time.

Dehumidifiers and turbo air-movers drive massive amounts of warm, dry air over wet surfaces and walls, helping to prevent mold growth and to dry walls, ceilings, flooring, carpets and other items in hours or several days rather than the weeks upon weeks that natural drying would take.

Though it does not rain often, this is not always a good thing for residents. Lack of daily rain means that many properties and homes are not well-equipped to deal with the rain that does sometimes fall in tremendous amounts in a short period of time. Improper drainage and materials that are prone to absorption can lead to water damage that can often destroy an entire home, raising a need for water restoration services.

Our water restoration team can help you recover from water damage by extracting standing water and drying water-logged materials. Walls, floorboards, furniture, sofas, beds, mattresses, wallpaper, carpet, lighting fixtures, and electrical equipment will all be analyzed for water damage and dried or removed as needed. Structures and materials that can be dried and repaired will be repaired, and structures and materials that have been too water-damaged to be recovered will be replaced.

In addition to removing standing water and water-logged items, our water damage restoration team will check for any hidden water and moisture within walls and under cabinets. Our primary goal is to stabilize and dry your property to prevent mold growth.

DRS is Connecticut's leader in Flood and Water Damage Repair. Call 877.280.7961 for a free consultation or quote.

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