Happy Employees = Happy Customers


Here at DRS, we have realized how a little something can go a long way. Something as simple as bringing breakfast in for the crew every once in a while or dropping a pizza off for lunch is one of our ways to show our employees that we appreciate them. We realized that treating your employees right has everything to do with how your business succeeds. If your employees feel that they are appreciated, they will feel motivated to show how they can give back to the business. This means faster jobs, more attention to detail, and an overall better product.

We also see the importance of team building to form a better bond between all of the employees. The DRS Crew partakes in at least 1 fun teamwork activity a year and at least 2 community service events a year. Our latest events being the Wipe Out Run, volunteering for House of Heroes, and the coat drive we did. Getting to know one another while having fun is definitely the way to groom a great team and to create a bond between one another.

All in all, treating your employees right is definitely the way to boost thecompanies moral and productivity!

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