Water Damage Case Study


Significant Water Damage due to Ice Dams

Stafford Springs, 2015

  • DRS was called in to mitigate water damage from Ice Dams. The water damage affected the main level and the basement of the ranch.
  • DRS located the ice dams that were causing resulting interior damages from water running down the interior of the home. DRS mitigated the ice dams, removed unsalvagable  wet materials,  and placed drying equipment to dry the remainder of the materials that were to be salvaged and to prevent residual damage.
  • For the rebuild, DRS started by replacing the roof. Then, installed new sheetrock, trims, bamboo flooring, acoustic ceilings, and painted as necessary. The H/O requested some additional work beyond the scope of the water damage in the kitchen. DRS installed new granite countertops, a beautifully detailed tile back splash and finished painting the room.


  • “Like so many others this winter, we had ice dams that caused horrific damage to multiple rooms in our house. Added to that, at about the same time, we had high winds that damaged our roof. DRS came to our rescue and managed everything from the first moment. We had water running down our walls and freezing our insulation.  DRS sent a water mitigation team within 24 hours to clean and dry the water and remove the ice from our roof, preventing further damage.  DRS managed the complete restoration of our home, from a new roof, to ceilings, insulation, walls, flooring, painting, tiling, granite, electrical and plumbing work.  They worked with my insurance company, completing all the necessary negotiations and paperwork.  DRS was great—they knew what needed to be done, they completed the work in a timely manner, and the finished job is a high quality restoration of my home!  The team is professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Thanks to you for the support and peace of mind you provided!”- p.c.

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