Frozen Pipes are Bursting!


From Sunday morning til 3:00pm today, Wednesday, DRS has been actively mitigating over 75,000 square feet of property .

Since the weather went well below freezing this weekend, a lot of pipes froze, and with the warm weather on Monday, many pipes burst. DRS has been out and actively working since the first phone call at 3:30am on Sunday morning, where the first DRS representative got on site for 4:00am. Since Sunday, we have placed over 500 pieces of mitigation equipment. About 65,000 square feet of that was commercial space, which required large amounts of equipment at each commercial location. DRS was able to meet the supply and demand of what the commercial spaces have needed, and is actively finishing the mitigation process for these places as to get them back in business as soon as possible. For the 10,000 square feet of residential mitigation that is taking place, DRS is actively working with the homeowners and their insurance carriers to ensure that we can mitigate and put their homes back together as timely and efficiently as possible.

If you are suffering from frozen pipe damage from this past weekend, give DRS a call at 860-788-6822 for restoration done the right way!

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