How DRS Manages Multiple Personalities in the Workplace



Working in the Restoration Industry, the workplace requires people of all sorts of trades: Carpenters, Technicians, Estimators, Sales People. With that comes a lot of different personalities, learning styles, and knowledge. The mix of personalities is definitely not always very easy to handle, however, the mix often causes more creativity and better ideas. We find that enstilling our core values in our employees helps to create a peace between the personalities.

-Respect: Positive feelings of admiration for each other and our processes through our experiences.

-Passion: Having strong feelings of truth and belief in what you are doing.

-Humility: Creates the trust and loyalty needed to suceed. It’s about achieving the vision and the goal by working together, It’s not about self interests but the results.

These core values allow us to work together well seeing as we are all extremely passionate about helping people and building communities. Believing in ourselves and the company that we stand for really does help the company work together much more smoothly, allowing the personalities to be relaxed a bit seeing as we are all working torward a common goal.

What does your company use to create a peace between the personalities?