Winter Weather Safety


Temperatures are expected to be bitterly cold this weekend, here are some tips to stay ahead of the weather:

winter weatherDo:

-Do prepare an emergency kit inside your car and home including: a warm coat, gloves, a shovel, ice scraper, flashlight, pre-packaged food, a heavy blanket, water bottles, matches, and an emergency blanket.
-Do turn up the heat in the house if you are preparing to lose power
-Do fill a bathtub and jugs with water
-Do purchase necessary items a few days before the predicted storm, if you show up to the store last minute, there is a good chance that the things you may need are gone


-Don't use cruise control in poor weather conditions, it can affect your ability to stop as quickly as you may need to.
-Don't drive over electrical wires that have fallen on the ground
-Don't drive anywhere you don’t have to in a winter storm
-Don't bring a generator inside your home, as it emits carbon monoxide which can kill you

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