Is Mold showing up in your home?


With the weather heating up, DRS has been getting many calls about homeowners worried about mold forming within their homes. Some homeowners believe that they can fix the water damage or mold themselves, however, as most delve into it, they realize that it is a very intricate and time consuming process. If the repairs have been done improperly, mold will start to form from the damage sitting there for too long. Usually, if the damage is fixed and contained within an ample time frame, mold is avoidable, however, without the proper techniques and the wrong tools, the process could be a lot more costly in the end if it is done wrong. All in all, the best way to save your home from mold is to act as soon as you see water damage or mold forming and call DRS to mitigate the damages right away.

Mold grows and reproduces by tiny spores that float through the air, and they attach to moisture. If excessive amounts of mold spores infiltrate your home, they can possibly lead to health problems. Not only can mold grow from water damaged areas, it can also be a result of too much humidity in the home, most commonly found in the bathroom from the steam and not enough hot air being exfiltrated.

Our team of restoration specialists can assess and mitigate the most complicated remediation projects thanks to the most advanced training and inspection instruments available to the industry. DRS will work with clients to bring their property back to pre-loss condition quickly.  DRS recommends hiring a hygienist who is a nonbiased party that comes out and does testing on the home to give a scope of what type of mold it is and what areas they believe should be remediated. If DRS is asked to provide an estimate, we do charge a $250 fee which includes: an experienced estimator coming out and doing an inspection and supplying the homeowner with an estimate for the repairs, and a scope of the work to be completed. If the homeowner decides to go with DRS for the repairs, the $250 is applied towards the job.

If you are in need of any mold, water, fire, or storm damage repairs, give DRS a call today at 877-280-7961. Serving all of CT & MA for your restoration needs.

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