Case Study- Commercial Water Loss


Case Study- Commercial Water Loss due to a frozen sprinkler pipe

Berlin, CT

-DRS was called in at 3am for this water loss at a public library. DRS quickly mobilized and had labor and equipment on site to stabilize and mitigate the library and community center.

-The loss was caused by a frozen sprinkler pipe that burst causing approximately 16,000 ft² of damage to commercial space needing emergency mitigation services on 2 floors.

-DRS had over 150 fans, a 80 kw generator, a150 kw generator, 5500 CFM dessicant, and a 2000 CFM dessicant on the project.

Challenges Faced:

-Since it was a library, we had to work very quickly to move the contents and to block up and remove shelving. It was extremely important to have drying equipment properly placed as a way to lower and control the RH to protect the remaining undamaged books.

-To minimize disruption and to maintain operations, DRS was able to quickly dry and repair certain parts of the library so that the community center and other significant areas were able to remain open for the residents of Berlin.

-The restoration and repairs of the library were done within 6 weeks. While the remaining repairs were being completed, we were able to limit business interruption, allowing for operations to run smoothly.

“Thank you all again for your patience, cooperation and understanding through all this and to DRS for their quick response and efficient turnaround on the repairs. We are very pleased with the job they have done.”

Water mitigation process at libraryAfter photo of water mitigation workWater mitigation process at library After photo of water mitigation work