Water Damage Customer Review from Fayville, Massachusetts


Warren called us in September with some ice dam issues from 2014. The Garage ceiling was affected by large amounts of water over two years ago along with a bedrooms exterior walls also showing water intrusion. DRS arrive on scene to remove the ceiling, change the insulation, HEPA sanded the framing along with treating it with Benefect. The garage door needed to be detached and reset to facilitate repairs. The bedroom walls were removed along with the insulation, thoroughly treated and repaired.

Warren sent us a letter stating “It has been a pleasure working with you. You are very proffessional, thorough, and caring about the job & the client you work with. The workers you sent out were also proffessional and caring about their work and I would certainly contact DRS for any future problems. Thank you very much. Sincerely Yours, Warren -Fayville, Massachusetts