Six Water Damage Cleanup Tips That Should Always Be Followed


water damage cleanup new haven, water damage new haven, water removal new havenWater damage cleanup is an intimidating job. There are several reasons why water damage restoration experts should be the only people to handle a water disaster. At Disaster Restoration Services, we want to help you overcome any water disaster in New Haven. Here are six ways Disaster Restoration Services can help you minimize water damage and cleanup water issues in your home or business. 

Remove The Water ASAP

Our first priority after a flood or other water disaster is to remove the water as quickly as possible. The longer the water sits, the more damage it will cause. Restoration professionals are trained in proper water extraction to be sure that all of the water and moisture in a wet room is removed and dried. Industry professionals also have power equipment to remove the water fast so that it cannot spread and cause more damage to other areas of a home or business.

Disconnect The Power

Another top priority during a flood event is to shut off the supply of power to your property. If you can safely do so, disconnect all digital devices and appliances. The sooner you do this the less likely they are to be damaged and the safer you will be from electrocution hazards. If you are not sure where your power supply is or are not sure how to disconnect it, wait for the professionals to come in and handle it safely.

Move Furniture, Rugs, And Small Objects

The sooner you are able to move furniture, rugs, and other objects sensitive to water out of the flooded area the better off you will be. Some items are so vulnerable to water that simply being in the flood will damage them beyond repair. Most, however, can be salvaged if you get them out of the water soon enough. Despite this, if it is dangerous to go back in your home after a flood because the water is contaminated or for any other reason, you should avoid going into your home and leave the cleanup to the pros. 

Dry The Affected Area

Removing the water isn’t enough to ensure that water won’t continue to affect your home. The source of the water problem must be identified and stopped. The wet areas of a home or business also need to be completely dried out. Failing to do so will lead to further structural damage to your home and mold growth. A professional water damage cleanup team like Disaster Restoration Services can make sure that your structure is completely dried out and out of harm’s way. 


After your property is dried there is still the task of disinfecting. Some types of water can contain harmful bacteria that require decontamination and disinfection to remove the harmful bacteria. This contaminated water could lead to serious health hazards so it is important to make sure this process has happened professionally.

Stop Mold Growth In Its Tracks

Several of the steps mentioned above contribute to preventing mold growth. It is important that water damage cleanup happens immediately after a water disaster to prevent mold growth. The main key to mold prevention is removing the water and drying your property as soon as possible. Make that a priority and you may be able to avoid the consequences of mold growth. 

If your New Haven home or business is affected by water, contact our professional team at Disaster Restoration Services right away to minimize the extent of the damage and repair your property faster.