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Professional Restoration Services for Commercial and Residential Properties

The damage done from water doesn’t wait, so neither should you. To minimize the destruction of water, an immediate response from a water restoration service is imperative. The invasive properties of water can lead to warping, swelling, staining, rusting, and decay. DRS begins the water extraction process without delay, saving your property and its contents from irreversible damage.

A water mitigation and damage restoration plan is essential to fully recover and restore your property. This includes a plan to extract, clean, dry, and dehumidify your property to prevent further damage. Whether you’ve experienced broken water pipes, a malfunctioning or leaking appliance, sewage back-ups, or flooding from rainwater, water and flood damage, costs rise the longer the situation is left to wreak havoc. Don’t wait to call a professional – call DRS right away.

Insurance Claims Assistance

We can help you with the complicated insurance claims process, from advising you on how to handle an individual claim to working directly with your insurance company. We want to help you navigate the claims process as quickly as possible, and get your property restored just as quickly. We work closely with insurance carriers and insurance agents so we can be your advocate throughout the entire process.

Our assistance helps you to:

  • Work with your insurance company
  • Expedite the claims process
  • Obtain the most accurate quote possible
  • Provide proper documentation
  • Get the restoration results you need as fast as possible

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