Ice Damming & Pipes Breaking in this Freezing Cold


With all this snow and below freezing temperatures, pipes are breaking and ice dams are building.

-To avoid pipes from breaking, DRS recommends insulating pipe wraps to be installed on cold and hot water pipes that pass through unheated areas in a crawlspace, basement, or a cellar. These wraps will help keep hot water warm longer and to prevent cold winds from freezing and breaking the cold water pipes. DRS also recommends sealing off air vents in crawlspaces, seeing as that is an easy way for cold air to leak through and freeze the pipes. In extreme cold, let faucets drip as a way to keep the water flowing and to help prevent it from freezing. If a pipe does break, DRS recommends to shut off the main shut off valve, and call your plumber, If there is any water damage, DRS could provide mitigation and restoration services as well.

-With all of this snow and freezing temperatures, Ice Dams are becoming common occurrences. Gutters will clog up with ice, and then the water runoff from the roof gets trapped by the dam and backs up the roof where it travels under the shingles and can leak into the residence. DRS recommends roof raking to help stop the occurrence of ice damming, DRS offers roof raking and water mitigation to help in case the situation has gone too far.

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