Don’t let the turkey burn down your house this holiday!


According to the NFPA, Thanksgiving is the day most common for home fires to start from cooking. As restoration specialists, we can say that we believe that is true. Whether a grease fire from the turkey dropping into the deep fryer and splashing boiling hot oil everywhere, or mashed potatoes that have been left alone for too long that bubble over causing the flame on a gas stove to expand and ignite the dish towel that was left too close. We’ve seen it all! All of these can be avoided by simply taking these proper safety precautions into mind when making dinner.

-Those fancy candles that create the ambiance, are a great way to start fires. Whether they catch on the drapes, or tip over while no one is looking. A nice way to create the ambiance safely would be to buy battery operated candles, you still get the flicker of light, however, no dangerous flame is exposed.

-When cooking, make sure that all hand towels and flammable materials are away from the stove especially if it is a gas range stove.

-Even though everyone loves to help in the kitchen, sometimes it is best to have only a few people helping in the kitchen especially if it is a cramped kitchen seeing as that is the way accidents happen.

-If using a deep fryer for the turkey, make sure to do it outside. Be aware that when the turkey is being submerged in the oil, the boiling hot oil will rise, and you need to account for that. Another good idea would be to make sure that you are wearing protective gloves that go up to your elbows as a way to protect yourselves from the grease splatters when you are lowering the turkey in. Without gloves, a grease splatter may rise up and burn you causing you to drop the turkey in the boiling oil, which would cause the oil to splatter all over you.

-Make sure to keep watch on everything that is cooking, even though many times you want to greet company and hang out with them, if the food is left alone while cooking, not only could that lead to burnt crispy food, but an oven or stove top fire as well.

Please keep in mind that fires, especially protein fires, are very difficult to clean up and that if they are cleaned improperly, it can cause the damage to set in more and it could cause more damage than good. If you do happen to have a fire this holiday season, please be sure to call in the professionals to clean it up to avoid more damage. DRS is always available 24/7 and not only can we be there for you on your holiday to help you, we will also provide you with a free holiday meal.

                                                                 Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!fire 1

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