Leads are Everywhere!


A few weeks ago, Tammy and Carolyn went to a networking event and learned just how important it is to consider everyone you meet as a possible lead. At  the event, they met a woman from MaryKay, a make-up company, and they exchanged business cards with the thought of possibly buying make-up from her one day and went on their way. At the end of the night,  they were heading out and the MaryKay woman came running over and said you have to come meet this woman, she just had a fire in her office and had a water pipe break in her home too. Just from simply giving a business card to a woman who we assumed we may never see again, we managed to get a water mitigation and a water damage repair job. Really makes you think how everyone can be a lead if you develop it enough! After all, burst pipes, fires, and storm damage can happen to anyone, right? This is a perfect example of how to turn a source into a working relationship. Since then, we have been actively working on relationships with both the client and the referral source as a way to grow a bond with them and to create a working relationship so they feel comfortable enough to recommend us to anyone whom they might believe needs our services.