Safety Tip of the Week- Linseed Oil


Thinking about staining your deck or fence now that it’s warm out? Linseed Oil seems like a great idea, right?

Linseed oil in the can acts just like other oil’s in a can, however, as soon as it is put on rags or something that is used to spread it around, it becomes a hazard. If Linseed oil is left to dry on rags or other materials, it has the ability to generate it’s own heat by combining with oxygen and start a fire.

What is the safe way to dispose of linseed oil rags?

Manufacturers suggest putting the rags or materials in a metal container filled with water and taking to a hazardous waste site to be disposed of.

Check out the photo below of fire damage to the back of a home due to linseed oil rags that weren’t put away properly after staining the deck.

blue house fire