Hurricane Preparedness and Safety Tips


With Hurricane Matthew on its way up the coast, and some predictions about whether or not it may impact Connecticut, here are some hurricane preparedness safety tips to prepare your homes and businesses for the stormy weather.


Prepare your Home or Business:

-Board up the windows

-Tie down or bring inside loose items

-Trim or Remove overhanging or dead branches around your house to avoid excess damage

-Set sandbags up around the base of the home to protect from groundwater

-Stock up on Water, non-perishable food items, blankets, clean clothes, candles, matches, flashlights, batteries and emergency resources.

-Investing in a generator can help a great deal in situations where power is lost for a long time, however, remember to stock up on fuel for the generator as well.

-Stock up on fuel for your car, and make sure that your heating sources in your home are filled

-Keep your cell phone charging and make sure that you check the weather alerts frequently to see if the area needs to be evacuated or not. Evacuate to a safe shelter if advised to.

-Stocking up on things to do for the family such as: Books, Board Games, Magazines, and other activities is a great way to pass the time especially if the home loses power.

If you or a friend have suffered storm damage, water damage, or fire damage, and are in need of an emergency board up, emergency mitigiation services, or temporary repairs, give DRS a call at 877-280-7961. Servicing all of CT & MA.