Mold and Environmental Remediation


To prevent the growth of mold and its resulting health concerns, a very industry-specific process must be followed. The DRS team of certified technicians work with a third-party Industrial Hygienist to take on the serious nature of properly handling mold testing.If DRS determines that an Industrial Hygienist is required, we’ll explain the course of action required to address the mold situation. We work closely with the Industrial Hygienist to perform our subsequent cleanout, decontamination, and temporary encapsulation.Mold and Environmental Remediation includes:

  • Moisture evaluation and testing.
  • Mold abatement, remediation, decontamination, and encapsulation. Industrial Hygienist performs fungal and mold testing, including testing for toxic black mold, “Stachybotrys.”
  • Antimicrobial and antifungal treatments.
  • Contaminated indoor air quality testing.