Wet Basement Drying & Cleanup


Have you walked downstairs to discover your basement is wet or flooded? What starts as a broken pipe, leaking basement walls, or sump pump failure can quickly turn into a flooded basement. Even small amounts of water can lead to black mold if a wet basement is allowed to remain moist.To prevent the water damage from causing further disaster, the DRS team of certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to dry out your basement. Our experience in wet basement water removal means we understand how to quickly, safely, and affordably clean up your basement and restore it to pre-loss condition.Thorough moisture readings, powerful air movers, and dehumidifiers remove the last traces of water. DRS total cleanup and restoration leaves nothing left undone, including:

  • Pack-out inventory and tracking
  • Dump runs for basement clean outs
  • Restore property and contents to original condition

Call DRS today to get immediate help with your wet or flooded basement from our team of experienced disaster restoration specialists.